University Placement

We work to maximize your chances of receiving admission offers by applying to the best universities that match your profile and ambition.



We believe all students are unique and have something special to show. Check out our list of scholarships that will help build your resume and avoid the financial burden of studying abroad. 


High School Abroad

Attending high school overseas can bridge cultural differences, improve language skills, and allow one to have a new academic approach before university. 


Study at Top Academic Universities

Getting a perfect GPA will not be enough for you to be accepted. It will be a combination of many different aspects that can be practiced for university. 


University Sports

Play university sports at the highest level. We connect students to universities on scholarship to play sports and to receive an university degree. 

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Affinity Plans

We enjoy working with student’s potential and helping them grow and develop by focusing on their visions, insights, and ideas. So if you believe you’re unique, we have a plan for you.