Club: KC.Southern F.C.

KC.Southern District Football Club is a professional soccer team that competes in the Hong Kong Premier league since 2011. The team is heavily invested and sponsored by Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings Limited which is a publicly listed company. After a very successful campaign in the 2015/16 season, the club has qualified for the AFC Cup which started on August 2016. Last season they finished 4th in the Hong Kong Premier League. Several of their players on the roster are on the Hong Kong Men's National Team which currently ranks 147 in FIFA ranking. 


City: Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People's Republic of China. It's a place with multiple personalities as a result of being both Cantonese Chinese and having been under British colonisation. Today, the former British colony is a major tourism destination for China's increasingly affluent mainland population. It's an important hub in East Asia with global connections to many of the world's cities. It is a unique destination that has absorbed people and cultural influences from places as diverse as Vietnam and Vancouver and proudly proclaims itself to be Asia's World City.


Club: Tampines Rovers F.C.

Tampines Rovers Football Club (nicknamed the Stags) are a professional association football club based in Tampines, Singapore, that play in the S.League, the top tier Singapore professional league. Founded in 1945, Tampines has won major trophies in Singapore football, including the Singapore Cup and the S.League. They have won the national league championship eight times, the Singapore Cup thrice, the S.League five times and the ASEAN Club Championship once. Their home ground is the Jurong West Stadium.




City: Singapore

Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia. Founded as a British trading colony in 1819, since independence it has become one of the world's most prosperous countries and boasts the world's busiest port.

Combining the skyscrapers and subways of a modern, affluent city with a medley of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences and a tropical climate, with tasty food, good shopping and a vibrant night-life scene, this Garden City makes a great stopover or springboard into the region.

Singapore is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world for a lot of reasons. One of which is the less stringent entry requirements


Club: Bengaluru F.C.

Bengaluru Football Club is an Indian professional football club based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. The club participates in the I-League, India's top-tier football league. It is the first ever club to have won the I-League in its debut season. The team is currently owned by Mumbai-based company, JSW Group and its managing director is Sajjan Jindal. The club's home ground is the 24,000 seater Sree Kanteerava Stadium. The team is currently mangaged by Alber Roca, who has worked with teams such as Barcelona, and Galatassaray




City: Bangalore, India

Bangalore, is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. It has a population of about 8.42 million and a metropolitan population of about 8.52 million, making it the third most populous city in India. Located in southern India on the Deccan Plateau, at a height of over 900 m (3,000 ft) above sea level, Bangalore is known for its pleasant climate throughout the year. Its elevation is the highest among the major large cities of India.


Club: Shenzhen F.C.

Shenzhen Football Club is a professional Chinese football club that currently participates in the China League One division under licence from the Chinese Football Association (CFA). The team is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong and their home stadium is the Bao'an Stadium that has a seating capacity of 40,000. Their current majority shareholder is Deng Junjie and the Hong Kong Swan Shenzhen Venture Capital Co., Ltd. who took over the club in October of 2015. The team is currently coached by former A.C. Milan legend, Clarence Seedorf. 





City: Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen is a major city in Guangdong Province, China. Shenzhen is located immediately north of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It holds sub-provincial administrative status, with powers slightly less than a province.

Shenzhen was a market town of 30,000 people on the route of the Kowloon–Canton Railway. According to the Government report for 2015, Shenzhen had transformed to a city with population of 10,778,900 and a metropolitan area population of over 18 million. 

Although little visited by international tourists, Shenzhen is a popular destination for Chinese domestic tourists. They were originally attracted by its famous theme parks but as the city has developed and become richer they are increasingly drawn by Shenzhen's famous architecture, shopping, bars, restaurants and active art scene. Shenzhen's beaches have become famous throughout China.


Club: Meizhou Hakka F.C.

Meizhou Hakka Football Club is a professional Chinese football club that currently participates in the China League One division under licence from the Chinese Football Association (CFA). The team is based in Wuhua County, Meizhou in the province of Guangdong and their home stadium is the 6,800 capacity Wuhua County Stadium. Their current majority shareholders are the Meizhou municipal government, Municipal Sports Bureau and Wei Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. They are coached by Luc Nijholt, who has coached in Asia since 2010.




City: Meizhou, China

Meizhou is a prefecture-level city in eastern Guangdong province, People's Republic of China. It has an area of 15,864.51 km2 (6,125.32 sq mi), and a population of 4.33 million at the 2010 census. It comprises Meijiang District, Xingning City and six counties. Its built-up or metro area made up of 2 urban districts was home to 935,516 inhabitants at the 2010 census. Meizhou is honored with the titles of Hometown of Culture, Hometown of the Overseas Hakka Chinese and Hometown of Football.


Club: Dalian Transcendence F.C.

Dalian Transcendence Football Club is a professional Chinese football club that currently participates in the China League One division under licence from the Chinese Football Association (CFA). The team is based in Dalian, Liaoning and their home stadium is the Jinzhou Stadium that has a seating capacity of 30,776. The clubs owner is Zhao Yang and the team is a publicly listed football club. The team is coached by Ermin Šiljak, a former Slovenian football player.




City: Dalian, China

Dalian is the second largest city in Liaoning Province, Dongbei (Northeast), China and the largest port in northern China as well as a major destination for Chinese tourists. Located at the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, the main part of the city is on its own sub-peninsula, with the port to the north of the town centre and natural coastline dotted with beaches to the east and south.

Club: Zhejiang Yiteng F.C.

Zhejiang Yiteng Football Club is a professional Chinese football club that currently participates in the China League One division under licence from the Chinese Football Association (CFA). The team is based in Shaoxing, Zhejiang and their home stadium is the Shaoxing City Sports Centre Stadium that has a seating capacity of 20,000. Their current majority shareholder is Cui Yi and the Yiteng Group. They are currently coached by chinese local coach Duan Xin. 

City: Shaoxing, China

Shaoxing is a prefecture-level city on the southern shore of Hangzhou Bay in eastern Zhejiang province,China. It was formerly known as Kuaiji and Shanyin and abbreviated in Chinese as Yuè from the area's former inhabitants. Located on the south bank of the Qiantang River estuary, it borders Ningbo to the east, Taizhou to the southeast, Jinhua to the southwest, and Hangzhou to the west. As of 2010, its population was 4,912,339 inhabitants. Smong which, 1,914,683 (Keqiao and Yuecheng districts) lived in the built-up metropolitan area of Hangzhou-Shaoxing, with a total of 8,156,154 inhabitants.

Club: Yanbian Funde F.C

Yanbian Funde FC, also known as Yanbian Football Club, is a professional Chinese football club that currently participates in the Chinese Super League division under licence from the Chinese Football Association (CFA). The team is based in Yanji, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin province where their home stadium is the Yanji Nationwide Fitness Centre Stadium that has a seating capacity of 30,000. Their current major investors are the Yanbian Sports Bureau and life insurance company Funde Holdings Group.

City: Yanji, China

Koreans first migrated to the Yanji area after a series of famines struck in 1869. The area, called the Yanbian Chaoxianzu (Korean) Autonomous Prefecture, is the home of the largest group of ethnic Koreans living outside of Korea, and while there are a small number of expatriates from North and South Korea, most of the Koreans living here hold Chinese, not Korean citizenship. While some ethnic minorities such as the Manchus have since been assimilated by the Han, and others such as the Uyghurs and Tibetans continue to fight against the Chinese government in separatist movements, the Koreans have a unique place among China's ethnic minorities as despite being fiercely protective of their culture and language, they generally do not harbour any separatist intentions. Since large areas of Yanbian were off-limits to travelers, the tourist facilities and people who speak English are kind of non-existent at the moment but that is changing.