Registration Fee: $250.00 USD

(The registration fee does not include hotel and transport. We offer a discounted hotel package to assist players in making the event more affordable.)


The Asia Soccer Combine is run over 2 days as this gives players enough of a chance to showcase themselves to attending coaches and scouts. Our combine does not involve fitness testing, passing or dribbling drills as these are not a true reflection of a player's game ability. Our combine focuses simply on 11 vs 11 games.

*Please note, the times listed below are for demonstration purposes and are not necessarily the time each combine will begin.


Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

Manchester Complex: Welcome Introduction: 10am - 11am

Field 1: Team 1 vs Team 2: 12pm - 2pm

Field 2: Team 3 vs Team 4: 12pm - 2pm

Field 1: Team 5 vs Team 6: 2pm - 4pm

Field 2: Team 7 vs Team 8: 2pm - 4pm


Sunday, December 4th, 2016

Manchester Complex: Soccer in Asia Sharing and Q&A: 10am - 11am

Field 1: Team 1 vs Team 3: 12pm - 2pm

Field 2: Team 2 vs Team 4: 12pm - 2pm

Field 1: Team 5 vs Team 7: 2pm - 4pm

Field 2: Team 6 vs Team 8: 2pm - 4pm


“Can I pay cash and sign up on the day?”

We cannot accept payments no later than November 25, 2016 at 11:59PM. Combines will sell out on average five weeks in advance. We recommend players sign up early to avoid disappointment.


“When is the deadline to pay?”

Registration for our combines close on November 25, 2016 at 11:59PM. However we usually sell out well in advance of day one. Once we are sold out we cannot accept any players regardless of their resume.


“How do I pay?”

Once you've completed your "Sign Up" form, your profile will be vetted by the coaches and our team, and if you are approved for the combine, you will be contacted via email about your selection for the Asia Soccer Combine. In the email, you will receive the further information and payment procedure. 


“What should I bring to the combine?”

All players will be provided with a numbered pinny each day, and soccer balls. Please note all players are responsible for bringing their own training gear, cleats, shinguards, tape, etc.


“Do players actually get signed from the Combine?”

Coaches and scouts are attending this combine to sign the best fit players for their teams. Before the combine, the coaches and scouts will be given your information (videos, resumes, etc) so they can research you in advanced. In the last few years, Asian clubs and leagues are attracting more foreign players because of the vast development, financial incentives and support. Here are some of our North American players that are currently in Asia: Click Here


“Can I have a room to myself?”

Yes – but you will need to register and pay for an extra hotel package. Ex. if the hotel package is $200 you will need to pay $400 for single occupancy. If the rooms are triple occupancy you would need to pay $600 in the above example.


“Can you pick me up from the airport?”

You will be responsible for your own transport from the airport. Manchester Meadows Soccer Complex is a 30-minute drive from Charlotte Douglas International Airport (North Carolina, USA).  


“Can I get transport to and from the fields each day of the combine?”

You will be responsible for your own transport to and from the fields each day. If you have not registered for a hotel package you are responsible for all of your own transport.  


“What are the age limits for your combines?”

We accept players aged 16 and above as long as players are comfortable playing in an open age environment.


“Does attending a combine or showcase affect my college eligibility?”

We get lots of questions from players and parents about college eligibility. Being a part of the combine or showcase will not affect your college eligibility. College players are allowed to tryout as part of an amateur team or individually against professional athletes according to NCAA rules. If a player is offered a contract to play professionally then they will have to decide whether to continue their college career or begin a professional career.


“NCAA players that are participating in the NCAA tournament?”

If you've been selected, registered and have paid for the Asia Soccer Combine and still participating in the NCAA tournament on December 3rd and 4th of 2016, you will be refunded the entire fee except the administration fee. 


“How is this different to other combines in the US?”

Our combine focuses on the Asian professional soccer market since it’s growing rapidly and there’s a lot more opportunities. We offer a chance for not only professional coaches to come and view the showcased talent, but also for our agency to scout and evaluate potential clients for clubs in Asia. From the combine coaches and scouts will look to sign or recruit players to trial in Asia where they get to play in front of an array of coaches, scouts and agents.


“What happens if I get injured leading up to the event or my circumstances change and cannot attend?”

Any player who is unable to attend due to injury will be offered a free place at any of our future combines. This credit will last for 18 months. Alternatively they can find a replacement player to take their place. The replacement player must submit a resume to us and be accepted prior to the combine. If a player does not notify us of their non-attendance 72 hours before day one he will forfeit their combine entrance fee.


“What is your policy if playing time is lost due to weather or force majeure”

If two or three days of playing time are lost at an event then players will be offered a full credit to any combine in the next 18 month period. If just one day is lost the event will continue as normal.


“What happens once the combine is finished?”

Players that impress will be signed or invited to trial with the professional clubs in attendance or other clubs around the world.


“How much playing time will I get?”

Each player should expect to play a minimum of 45-minutes per game. There will be roughly around 13-18 players per team which will give every player an opportunity to play sufficient amount of minutes to impress the coaches and scouts.