You want to study abroad, we make your dreams come true. Here you have: The frequently asked questions

January 04, 2018

Many talented athletes who want to study abroad approach affinity asking questions. We are here to help you in every step of the way. This is why, here we bring you the frequently asked questions our clients had, to help you understand a little more what Affinity sports and Education is about.


Concerning Affinity's services

Our athletes ask: What help can i get from affinity during the process, and why should I require their services ?

Affinity provides support throughout the entire recruiting process up to the final year of your study in the North America as a student athlete, including building of player profile on (, creating sports highlight video, connect with university coaches for sports scholarship opportunities, negotiate scholarship amount, university admission, NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Center registrations, visa application, communications with coaches, etc.

Concerning private and public schools

Our athletes ask: I have seen that some of your athletes got full scholarships in private schools in the USA, are there any public school that provides scholarships? 

Yes, a lot of U.S. public universities compete in the NCAA and offer sports scholarships to student athletes, e.g. University of Virginia, University of California, Irvine, etc.

Our Athletes ask: How do I start applying?

You start applying by filling in this student athlete form: ( and we'll contact you through Whatsapp for a free consultation.

Regarding the SAT test

If you’re thinking of applying to college, in the USA, it’s vital that you know what the SAT is and how it will affect your application process.The SAT It’s one of two standardized college admissions tests in the US. (The other is the ACT.) It's run by the College Board, a non-profit that also administers the PSAT and the AP (Advanced Placement) program. The SAT is a standardized test meant to show schools how prepared you are for college by measuring key skills like reading comprehension, computational ability, and clarity of expression. Because so many students take the test, it also provides schools with data about how you compare to your peers nationwide. You'll almost certainly need to take the SAT or ACT if you're applying to any colleges or universities in the United States, since most require you to submit test scores with your application. Depending on where you want to apply, your ACT or SAT score can account for as much as 50% of the admission decision, so a strong standardized test score is vital.

Our athletes ask: Should I apply for SAT test first? The next SAT international test date is in March and we suggest you to fill in this form: ( and get a free consultation with us through Whatsapp before signing up for the SAT test.

Our Athletes ask: Do i need to pay for exams?
Yes, you'll need to pay for the entry exams (SAT, IELTS/TOEFL). I'd suggest you to fill in this form: ( and get a free consultation with us through Whatsapp for the details and the pricing.

Regarding the scholarship

Our athletes ask: How much will the school fees cost and do we have to pay ourselves? It depends on the scholarship amount and the area you go to. Full scholarship covers basically everything from tuition to room & board, meals, etc. Usually, full scholarship will include insurance as well. You'll know more when the scholarships are offered by coaches and schools.

Our athletes ask: If we are provided with the scholarship, where are we going to stay, and how much it might cost? You'll either stay at the university dorm or at a flat/house with your teammates. If you stay at the university dorm, it's very likely that your roommates will be your teammates. For the amount you need to pay for, it depends on the scholarship amount and the area you go to. Full scholarship covers basically everything from tuition to room & board, meals, etc. Usually, full scholarship will include insurance as well. You'll know more when the scholarships are offered by coaches and schools.

Our athletes ask: How long do we need to be there? If you're a regular high school student, you'll typically study in the North America as a student athlete for four years. The duration may be shorter if you're a transfer student.

We hope it helps to solve your questions and we would be more than happy to tell you: "welcome to the family"!


This 2018, the University of Campbellsville is offering full scholarships for athletes.

January 02, 2018

If you are an athlete who is wondering which university to chose in this 2018, we recommend the University of Campbellsville. The University of Campbellsville, founded in 1906, it’s a private, suburban college, with around 1894 full time undergraduate students enrolled.



The University of Campbellsville is the perfect place if you want to study programs related to sports, because this institution has majors that specialize in this area like Sport Management and Sports Medicine, you can check the list of programs that this University offers here

In addition, this University has been ranked as one of America’s top Kentucky and southern institution in accredited national and world university rankings like the U.S. Campbellsville University is also a Military Friendly School, an NAIA Five-Star Champions of Character Institution that has been named to President’s Higher Education Honor Roll for Community Service. If you want to join the Campbellsville University Football program you need to begin to build relationships and a highly-visible, professional quality recruiting profile. Beginning that process as early as possible is crucial to your success.  But we understand that the process can be frustrating as this coaches are receiving thousands of messages every day by students worldwide. This is why, having an entity that helps with the admission process can be ideal. 

Affinity Sports and Education was born with this purpose.  The CEO and co founder Magnus Leung has direct communication with the key people in the selection process. Some of the coaches include: Matt Atwood (WR), Hunter Cantwell (ST/QB), Josh Dean (Defensive Line), Joshua Dye (DC/DB), George Eskridge (Defensive Assistant), Ricky Gehres (OC), Dwight Houston (LB), Brandon McCray (OL), Will Snyder (Defensive Backs), AJ Strong (Running Backs) and Perry Thomas (HC).

Chan Pak-hei was a student at Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School in Hong Kong. After making his profile in sportsync, the platform created by Affinity Sports and Education,  he was recruited by Campbellsville  University, having a full athletic scholarship to Campbellsville University in the US. This year Chan Pak-hei was transfered to Fresno Pacific University, but the highlights of his performance at Campbellsville University club are still impresive. 

Any questions? write us directly!



How to study in one of the best Universities in the USA ?

January 01, 2018

It is known that in the best Universities of USA they are selective, and the process is competitive and expensive. BUT if you are a talented athlete, chances will look better for you.


This is the case for The California Institute of Technology, a private doctorate-granting university located in Pasadena, California, United States. Yes, we are talking about Caltech, one of the top universities of USA and the whole world. The same University where Albert Einstein arrived on in 1931 to polish up his Theory of General Relativity, and returned subsequently as a visiting professor in 1932 and 1933.


So why would I want to study in Caltech?

“ Caltech was ranked 1st internationally between 2011 and 2016 by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, in the world in two categories: Engineering & Technology and Physical Sciences. It was also found to have the highest faculty citation rate in the world”

Caltech has six academic divisions with strong emphasis on science and engineering, managing $332 million in 2011 in sponsored research. First-year students are required to live on campus and 95% of undergraduates remain in the on-campus House System at Caltech. Because of its long history, Caltech have unique traditions that makes its study environment unique and entertaining.

They are the university with the craziest pranks in all USA: 1961: Caltech students altered the University of Washington's card stunts during the Rose Bowl Game to display "Caltech".

1987: the students changed the Hollywood sign to read "Caltech."

2014: The Prank Club erected a "PASADENA" sign in the hills overlooking the Rose Bowl; at halftime during the BCS Championship game, the sign changed to read "CALTECH" in bright orange lettering.

2016: The Physics 1a pranksters strike again, this time recreating Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Although Caltech has a strong tradition of practical jokes and pranks, student life is governed by an honor code which allows faculty to assign take-home examinations. The Caltech Beavers compete in 13 intercollegiate sports in the NCAA Division III's Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. Caltech is on the quarter system: the fall term starts in late September and ends before Christmas, the second term starts after New Years Day and ends in mid-March, and the third term starts in late March or early April and ends in early June.

Okay, so how I get in?

Caltech provides one of the USA best values in higher education, thanks to robust need-based financial aid and scholarship awards available to students throughout their course of study. This is the story of Tim Menninger a student of computer engineer who 

was accepted to Caltech in 2013. After being recruited for his talent in swimming, Caltech provided a scholarship that funded part of his education so he could wholeheartedly pursue his passions—both in the classroom and on the athletic field. You can read is story here. And you can also read the requirements to enter here.

So, do If I’m a student in Hong Kong and an Athlete do I have the chance to study in CALTHECH ?

“ Admissions are extremely hard to get as Caltech is a small school. But being an athlete can help you to not just get in, but even be awarded with a scholarship that founds part of your education. ”

YES your chances are high if you are in the right place at the right time. Affinity sports and education is organizing the 1st Hong Kong All-Star Soccer Games consisting of the top talents from primary and secondary schools. The players will have an opportunity to be selected into reputable secondary schools, universities with sports scholarships, Hong Kong National Team and/or even sign professional sports contracts.

If you are in Hong Kong and want to study abroad playing for the best we have all the right people to help you out. There will be an event that will bring the recruiters of Caltech directly to Hong Kong. Stay tuned for more information.

You want to know more? Ask us directly! Don’t forget to like us on facebook and instagram!!!

This girl played Volleyball and wanted to study in the USA in a low budget: This is how she did it.

December 29, 2017

Rachel Tam used to be a 17-year-old student at St Catharine's School for Girls and a member of the Hong Kong Volleyball Youth Team. Besides been competitive in the sport, she had also a strong ambition: study abroad, so she could achieve the best opportunities for herself.

 “ This is why Rachel approached  Affinity Sports and Education , an entity compromised to take the Hong Kong talents in sports to Universities across USA, Hong Kong and Canada.”

“ This is why Rachel approached Affinity Sports and Education, an entity compromised to take the Hong Kong talents in sports to Universities across USA, Hong Kong and Canada.”

The result of Rachel and Affinity, working together worked straight away, Rachel created a profile in sportscync, (the platform that Affinity uses to show coaches the skills of the young talents of Hong Kong) and not much time passed after she got a scholarship in the University of Evansville in Indiana, US.


“Probably the most important thing is that it will provide me is the opportunity to study overseas, receive a high-quality education, and save my family lots of money because studying at this university will cost a fortune” Says Rachel.

The University of Evansville in Indiana, US. Has a campus covers 75 acres and includes 31 major buildings. Olmsted Administration Hall is the oldest building on campus. Has three colleges and one school within the University. They are the Schroeder School of Business, the College of Education and Health Sciences, the College of Engineering and Computer Science, and the William L. Ridgway College of Arts and Sciences.

The average financial aid and scholarship package is $29,727, and Rachel was one of the students who got an opportunity with this found.

“This scholarship gives me an opportunity to play high-level volleyball at the NCAA D1 level,” she explains. “From my understanding, this is close to being a professional athlete. It will definitely be challenging, but I believe I can excel at this level”

UE offers more than 80 different majors and areas of study, and offers six graduate programs - Athletic Training, Health Services Administration, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant Science, Public Health in Health Policy, and Public Service Administration. 86 percent of our full-time faculty hold their doctorate or terminal degree.

93 percent of the class of 2016 were employed or in graduate school, meaning that your chances to get a great job after graduating in this university is very high. This can be you in the 2018, would you take a step forward? Drop us a message, get a free consultation, let’s work together to get you in one of the best Universities of USA! Don’t forget to like us on facebook and instagram!!!

This christmas we bring you the coaches who want you to study in the USA!

December 27, 2017

Is not everyday that an ex assistant coach at Harvard University with more than a decade of experience in recruiting athletes in football comes to Hong Kong, but last week, Gary Crompton came with one clear idea: to recrute Hong Kong soccer players.


Before stepping into the coaching ranks, Crompton played professionally for nine years, having played in the United Soccer League with the Cape Cod Crusaders, Worcester Wildfire, Boston Bulldogs and Connecticut Wolves.He is a USSF “A” licensed coach, which is the highest coaching badge from US Soccer.



“ Last week, Crompton meet with Affinity Sports and Education's co founder Magnus Leung to take the Hong Kong talents in sports to Universities across USA”

Now working at Bentley University, Crompton led Bentley to one of the most successful seasons in the University of bentley history, culminating in the program’s first appearance in the NE-10 championship game since 1994. In addition to those successes, four of his Crimson players earned All-America honors and 23 were first-team All-Ivy League selections.

This guy also runs a soccer coaching business, Soccer 101 Academy, in the summer months. Magnus Leung, Co-founder and managing director of Affinity had a direct contact with him, spotting high school students who eager to study abroad and are great football players.

Bentley’s expansive curriculum, focus on business, technology, and liberal arts, provides students with numerous options, including a Liberal Studies major, for shaping an academic program that fits their skills, interests, and career goals.



The majority of students at Bentley major in business. Bentley is one of the few institutions where a double-major in business and arts and sciences is designed to be completed in four years.

“Students in this program will learn core business functions such as accounting, finance, management and marketing; enhance their abilities to evaluate problems and identify solutions; develop professional communication and presentation skills and more.”

Who you want to be in 2018?

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