4 Benefits for International Students Considering Colleges in a City

April 07, 2014
4 Benefits for International Students Considering Colleges in a City

A school's location is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding which college to attend. Even though there are some perks of living in a small college town, like having a more traditional college experience, international students can find exciting opportunities at urban campuses. 

Choosing a college or university in a major city may also help new international students find ways to stay connected to their home countries. Prospective students don’t always realize that having something familiar within reach can be important as they settle in to a new country.

Whether you are thinking about attending a school in New York City, Miami, Los Angeles or another U.S. city, there are some guaranteed ways to make the best out of living and studying in a city.

1. International food options: In larger cities the plethora of restaurants is bound to cater to everyone’s tastes. Finding a restaurant with dishes from your country will make you feel more at home in a new city, and it might be a great way to introduce your friends to your culture.

Some people say that you could eat out every night in New York City and never eat at the same place twice. Enjoy all of the dining and food shopping choices cities provide you with.

2. Neighborhoods with international communities: San Francisco’s Belden Place is considered to be the city's French hub, and offers restaurants and stores. Besides being a good way to feel less homesick, visiting those special places that we find in a large city will introduce you to new ways of thinking.

Students can also research online to find information about which of these communities have festivals that offer connections to their home country. For example, Washington, D.C., has the National Cherry Blossom Festival, which grew out of the gift of the trees from Japan to America and includes a celebration of Japanese culture.

3. Local sports teams: Being in Boston for three years, I can guarantee that there is no better way to fit in with a community than to cheer for the hometown sports teams. It is more than just bonding with your colleagues, as in many cities like Boston, the whole city seems to live and breathe for sports on important game days. And if you are lucky enough, there will be plenty of celebrations to attend during your college career.

4. Networking opportunities: Large cities are notorious for the diversity of people they attract. So if you want opportunities for internships and the relationships they bring, an urban setting is your place.

There are certainly some cities that focus more in one industry than others. LA is almost synonymous with acting careers, but the opportunities to meet the people in all kinds of fields are great. Take advantage of this opportunity to network and make new friends.

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