5 American Cities with Great Colleges

July 14, 2014

America is filled with great cities for college students. If you’re willing to go anywhere in the country, then you have several thousand schools, in numerous towns and cities, as options. Even if you have your eyes set on one major city or metropolitan area, you may still have an ample amount of college options, as some American cities have several great colleges.

Here are five American cities with great colleges where you may want to consider spending your college years.

1. New York City

Can you really blame someone for praising New York City’s college options?

Want an Ivy League school ranked in the top 10 colleges by U.S. News & World Report? Try Columbia University. Or you could go for one of the world’s great music schools, Juilliard, or a private school that acts like a public school, New York University. Perhaps Manhattan’s not your cup of tea. You still have four other boroughs where you can attend stellar colleges like Pratt Institute and Brooklyn College in Brooklyn or Fordham University in the Bronx. There are about 110 higher education institutions in New York City to choose from, according to

And of course, you get to be in New York, a mecca of world finance, publishing and entertainment. That’s reason enough to go to college in the Big Apple.

2. Los Angeles

No list like of great American cities is complete without mentioning Los Angeles.

There’s no shortage of great colleges in the Los Angeles metro area. Two of America’s best colleges, both ranked in the top 25 on U.S. News & World Report, are in the Los Angeles area: University of Southern California (which boasts graduating George Lucas and Judd Apatow) and the University of California, Los Angeles (which has one of the best hospitals in the country on campus). And then you have smaller — but still great — schools in the area, like renowned Christian school Biola University and up in nearby Malibu the highly ranked Pepperdine University. Extend your net to surrounding Southern California counties, and you’ve got dozens of viable California schools to choose from in the greater Los Angeles area.

3. San Francisco Bay Area

With the large tech companies in Silicon Valley such as Facebook to Google, and the cultural diversity and art, the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most exciting places to be a college student.

The list of great colleges in the Bay Area seems never ending. Whether it’s Stanford University (ranked the best college in America by Forbes), University of California, Berkeley (continually ranked one of the best colleges in a number of categories), San Jose State University or elsewhere, you’re likely getting a great education in this area filled with amazing food, beach bonfires, several professional sports teams, and of course the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

4. Boston

If you want to live in a place filled with rich history and attend a college in a city where students have been matriculating for centuries, then Boston’s your place.

Boston and its neighbor Cambridge are home to some of the most venerated institutions in the world. Harvard University (an Ivy League college that doesn’t even need an introduction at this point), MIT (ranked best college in the world by QS for 2013-14) and Boston University, to name a few. Another great thing about being a student in Boston: You don’t need a car, as it’s ranked the third best public transit city in America by Walk Score.

5. Washington, D.C.

Oh, where to start with Washington, D.C.

First off, some fantastic colleges exist in this city, from Georgetown University (which has highly ranked business and medical schools) to American University (a school ranked multiple years by The Princeton Review for having the most politically active students). The city also hosts Gallaudet University (known for its programs targeted to deaf students) and countless museums and political events.

You can’t really go wrong by choosing Washington, D.C. as the city where you pursue your education, even if politics aren’t really your thing.

Whether you choose one of these five cities to earn your degree in or one of America’s countless other great cities, just earning a degree at all is a good call. It may help advance you professionally, intellectually and socially, regardless where you study.

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