A Look at International Students at U.S. Colleges

September 24, 2014

The 2015 U.S. News Best Colleges rankings, released this month, provide information on nearly 1,800 schools. Many of these colleges attract students from outside the U.S. who are looking to take advantage of diverse academic and social offerings.

Among National Universities – schools that offer a full range of undergraduate majors, plus master's and doctoral programs – international students made up at least 15 percent of the student body at 15 of the 262 ranked schools that reported the data for fall 2013. That's an increase of five schools compared with the previous year.  

Another 16 schools reported that students from outside the U.S. made up less than 1 percent of their fall 2013 enrollment, which is four fewer schools than the year before.

When it comes to paying for a U.S. college, Yale University led the pack among schools giving financial aid to 50 or more international students, with an annual average award of $56,630.

The increasing focus on international students is evident in statistics collected by U.S. News that show more than a quarter of ranked schools made overseas visits to recruit high school students. And nearly 75 percent of ranked National Universities offer English as a Second Language programs to enrolled students.

Students interested in studying in the United States can view the graphic below for more information and follow the International Student Counsel blog for tips on everything from the application process to life after graduation.


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