High School Students Making an Impact in Hong Kong's Community

August 07, 2014

What Has Remi and Thibault Been Up To? 

You must be thinking how do these people and how will this story relate or apply to me.  One of our goals at Affinity Education is to connect our students to study overseas but more importantly it is to help build their character through a comprehensive plan enabling them to successfully get into the university best fitting to their needs.  Remi and Thibault both attend the French International School in which they have applied their passions, skills, and talents into a local community here in Hong Kong. They are both talented footballers aiming to attend university in the U.S on a soccer (football) scholarship in September 2015.

Together with Goldman Sachs and The Vine Community Services Ltd (VCSL), Remi and Thibault had organized a 2-day event that consisted of a football tournament, bowling game, and luncheon at the Inside Out.

Restaurant located at the South China Athletic Association.

This event aims to bring greater awareness of asylum seekers in Hong Kong, which is estimated to about 6,000 asylum seekers and refugees. Many have been here for five years or more awaiting for their cases to be reviewed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) or by the government in the Convention against Torture (CAT) scheme. They came to Hong Kong from many places around the world where there is political unrest and their life would be in danger if they remained in their home country.

This event attracted around 100 participants within the 2-days. Remi and Thibault had the opportunity to apply their leadership abilities by organizing and coordinating the football tournament and even participated in some of the activities having a fantastic time.

“Football is the most popular sport in the world. This event showed me the beauty of the sport outside of the competitive aspect by bringing different cultures, backgrounds, and languages together.” said Remi.

Remi and Thibault both speak English and French fluently so they were able to communicate with a lot of the asylum seekers as most of them are from French speaking countries.

Remi shared his experience by saying, “Despite their (asylum seekers) past and current status, they always had a smile on their face and this taught me how to always be positive and to not take anything for granted.”

They are currently planning another event, so stay tuned for more updates as they transform lives of others and their own in the community of Hong Kong. 

To learn more about the asylum seekers of Hong Kong, please visit:

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