Farewell to another group of HK future football stars

July 03, 2015

Every year, Affinity supports and assists a group of student athletes in securing university placements overseas with scholarships. Therefore, after every summer, we have a group of student athletes leaving for university. Before the students head off to different destinations, we conduct a sharing of recommendations and advices to help them prepare for their experiences in university. 

In the mean time, we are very pleased that while these freshmen-to-be are preparing for their university opportunities in the U.S., some of our past students come back to spend their summer. We are grateful to have the opportunities to invite these students to share their experiences thus far. 

On June 22, we conducted the university bound sharing for H.K.F.A men and women youth national team players. We were delighted to invite two current university student athletes of Affinity, Filipe Conceicao (Gardner Webb University) and Toby Down (Concordia University) to share about their experiences. We hope that by expanding our student athlete community, more people in Hong Kong can see that they too can be successful in both academics and athletics.

Here are some images captured during the seminar. 

Director, Magnus Leung introducing the forthcoming student athletes experience to our university bound student athletes and their parents.

Affinity's past student, Toby Down and Filipe Conceicao sharing their experiences as a freshman soccer player.


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