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Affinity's academic programs help international students achieve their dreams of studying abroad in the USA, Canada, U.K (and in other countries too). Over many years of experience, our top quality academic programs have combined the best of Public and Private high schools, Universities and Foundation Programs with a supportive living environment.

We offer students an incredible range of programs, locations and experiences. Our expert team around the world helps international students understand which high school or university program is best for them and then guides them through each step of the process - including application, accommodations, payments, arrival and ongoing support.

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High School Programs

International students can study high school in some of the most exciting locations in the USA, Canada, U.K, Australia and More!

SELECT Boarding School

Study at a prestigious boarding school and experience the best of campus life, academic preparation and top sports and arts facilities.

SELECT Private Day School

A private school education for a year, semester or several years - combined with life with an amazing host family.

SELECT Public School

A year or semester in a traditional public school on an F-1 visa, while living with a host family.

BASIC High School

A lower cost program for international students who want to study in the USA on a budget, and a more flexible alternative to the J-1 exchange program.

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